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AUGUST, 2014

 How to Make a Neutral Decor Look Interesting 

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A lot of people will tell you that a neutral decor is the best way to increase your homeís value and get more money for it when selling. People dread doing this, but itís the best way to attract a larger portion of buyers, as people donít necessarily share the same tastes. Although your bright blue and red bedroom, for example, might look amazing; you might scare buyers off. The good news is; neutral decor doesnít need to be boring. In fact, neutral decor can look amazing! This post will help you to make it look interesting:

Use Different Shades of the Same Colour

You donít need to stick to the same shade of boring beige all the way around the house, unless you really want to of course. Instead, why not use different shades and tones of the same colour to create a really interesting look? You could use white, cream, beige, brown, grey, and even black. People automatically think of beige, but that doesnít have to be the case.

Add a Small Pop of a Brighter Colour

If you love your colour and really canít go without it, try adding a small pop of a brighter colour in the form of accessories to brighten the place up. A fresh, white room would look amazing with some hot pink pillows, for example. You could even pair grey with bright blue, or black with purple. Whatever you like!

Use Different Materials and Fabrics to Create Interest

A great way to create more interest in a plain room is to use a variety of materials and fabrics. This gives the room lots of things to look at and touch, which visitors like to do. Elements such as wicker, stone, marble, wood, leather, and fur are all great and look amazing when used together.

Add Quirky Home Accessories

Quirky home accessories allow you to show off your personality without doing something crazy, like painting the whole house bright red. Bookends in the shape of large letters, wall art, and figurines add more character to the decor.

Have Fresh Flowers on Display

Fresh flowers look and smell great. They can even make a buyer feel more affection towards your home, encouraging them to buy! If something as simple as fresh flowers can get your home off the market and increase its value, then itís worth it.

Play with Different Heights

Different heights add more interest to the home, so play around with coffee tables, chairs, tables, and accessories. This can really balance out a room, so see what you can come up with.

Add a Feature Wall

The estate agents in Bitterne say that some feature walls can be risky, but they can work if youíre careful. You could perhaps use a patterned wallpaper in a neutral colour, marble tiles, or a simple coat of paint.

There are plenty of ways you can make a neutral decor look more interesting; the only limit is your imagination! Take a look for pictures online if you need some inspiration. Have fun designing your decor!

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