Is your bathroom in need of some TLC, but you don’t have the cash to splash out? If so, then read on, because you have come to the right place. Here are some incredibly simple ideas that can turn the dingiest looking bathroom into something far more comfortable.


AUGUST, 2014

 How Your Bathroom Can Hinder the Sale of Your House 

DIY is not everyoneís strong point. If you are at a point where you are ready to sell your home, you need to take a step back and look at it impartially. While your home may have been functional for your needs, is it a viable prospect on the property ladder?

Simple DIY tasks may have been undertaken, but does it need more TLC to make it sell?

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Letís consider bathrooms. They, alongside kitchens, are the most-neglected rooms within our homes. Why? The cost of remodelling a bathroom can be huge. However, you donít have to remodel your entire bathroom to ensure that your home becomes a viable selling option.

There are some great DIY tips here to make sure that your home sells with ease, starting with the bathroom.

Painting is Your New Best Friend

Painting the bathroom is not a difficult task. In fact, as one of the smaller rooms within the home, it is an easy task to undertake. If you have tired looking paint work, you need to daub the walls. Neutrality is the key. White looks crisp and clean in the bathroom. Get out the gloss and make sure the woodwork is up to scratch too. Paint the doors in a thick gloss and replace the handles if necessary. Stick to clean chrome finish. Not only is this trendy, but it looks good too. This will give your bathroom a brand new feel. What is more, prospective buyers will see your bathroom as a fresh room.

Check for DIY Mishaps

Estate agents in Cannock have noted that DIY mishaps are the biggest hindrance to selling a home. This means that if you have not laid the sealant properly, or you have frayed light pulls, people will be turned off. In order to make sure your home is a good candidate for re-sell, take a look at these mishaps and correct them. Sealant is inexpensive and easy to use if you take your time. Frayed light pulls can be replaced cheaply too. You should fix a wonky toilet seat. In short, take a look at the bathroom and see what needs fixing immediately.

Keep it Clean

Is your bathroom clean and functional? Chances are that you clean your bathroom on a weekly basis. No one wants a dirty washing area. But, take a closer look at the tiles and sealant. Is the grouting looking tired and grey? Could the tiles do with an extra scrub to bring them back to life? Does the shower screen need replacing? While these jobs are small to undertake, they will play a big part in the sale of your home. A dirty, dank looking bathroom is unappealing to prospective buyers.

Re-grout the tiles as a matter of urgency. This will guarantee that your home doesnít languish on the property market for a long time. You want your house to sell quickly.

Selling your home can be tough. You need to focus on one room at a time, so you donít become overwhelmed. Start with the bathroom and make sure that your home is a possible prospect for candidates.

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