Discover the Designer in YOU


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Do you collect Interior Design Magazines and wonder how you can make your home that beautiful? Are you passionate about colours, but lack the knowledge or confidence to use it? Do you wish you could be clever about how you use the space you live in?

Whether working or staying at home, your home is where you spend much time. That’s why it’s a reflection of you. It’s all about creating interiors that suit you, bring you happiness and joy.

While interior decorating on a budget, prioritising is key. With less money comes fewer choices. Selecting important rooms, elements and themes that are most significant to you and your family are the keys to saving a lot of time and money.

Analyse your current home, furnishing and decorations. By improving what you already have, instead of completely starting over, interior decorating on a budget comes together in a simple process with an elegant finish.

Discover the Designer in YOU eCourse

“As individuals we should be able to create our own style – And that is a journey. But it is a very interesting and creative journey which leads us through different styles and possibilities and finally to our own personal style. “

When it comes to decorating our own homes there’s inspiration everywhere we look and with interior décor magazines becoming more popular it’s easy to get excited by the variety of ideas on display. However, pulling off that magazine look isn’t always as easy as it may appear.  Join me on this journey where I guide you on how you can Discover the Designer in You!


  • In this course, I will walk you through: Finding your style – identifying the look that suits you, how to mix up different styles and how to appreciate other peoples styles without adopting them as your own. Planning the room layout – how to measure, plan and get the best from your room and looking at ways to utilise rooms for different uses. Colour and lighting schemes – how to find your perfect colour palette and some of the secret tricks that can be achieved with colour. How to light your room with layers of light, the effect of natural light and how to find the right light fittings for your interior scheme. Managing your project – the importance of defining and controlling your project budget, how to manage the work force and how to deal with things that go wrong.

    • The Basic of interior Design
    • Find & Create your Personal Style
    • Inspiration
    • De-cluttering & Space Planning
    • Interior Lighting
    • Colour adds Life to Living
    • Project Management